About Us

Gramercy Park Entertainment is an entertainment management company specializing in representing writers, directors, producers, and creatives working across all media. In today’s climate, we believe that it’s essential for our artists to have the freedom and flexibility to transfer across mediums in order to best express their creative visions – whether in feature films, television, virtual reality, digital shorts, or brand integrated content. We strive to create an environment where each of our clients is able to garner both professional success and creative fulfillment.

Our Philosophy

At Gramercy Park Entertainment we celebrate the trailblazers, the storytellers, and the artists who make an impact. That’s why we work hand-in-hand with all of our artists to execute their vision as we build their career, brick-by-brick, together.

In this vast ecosystem of content, we believe in creating personalized communities where each of our clients can collaborate and grow with a group of like-minded artists, executives and brands who not only help them realize their visions, but also champion their success. As we establish our client’s personal community, they are able to flourish within their creative targets while still tapping into our vast network.

Each of our clients has a unique voice and talent and that’s why each artist is personally attended to as they explore, discover, and thrive within their creative niche.

In Action

We believe that the steps we take today, build our tomorrows. We ensure that each opportunity is hand-picked and crafted with the goals of our clients in mind. We work with each of our artists to carve out their creative ideals and then tactically forge a plan and craft authentic relationships to realize it. Talent opens doors, but success comes from properly navigating each path and opportunity.

That’s why as a full-service management company, we help our clients build a team of legal representatives, publicists, and business managers so that their career is nurtured and protected from all angles. We work with each of our clients to discern their creative and professional ideals, and then develop a strategy routed in vertical/horizontal integration, relationship marketing, brand identity, and community. Each strategy is created with the individual artist, so they’re involved with the construction of the architectural framework and have a firm blueprint that they can refer back to throughout the process.

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